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It has been long road so let me start with my current position in 2018. I'm responsible for the front-end development and the online sales of different partners on Grow&Fit′s catalogue since 2016

Baluwo: Buying basic essentials has never been so easy

Responsible for the website application . Connections to REST server were developed with additional tools using JQUERY, PHP & MYSQL.

Printlife: Unique gifts handmade in Barcelona

Responsible for the ecommerce, intranets, copywriting & photography in Printlife. In this case Prestashop was customized with additional applications using JQUERY, PHP & MYSQL.

Looks good? Well let me tell you about my previous positions:

Digital Marketing Manager, Strategist & Analyst at Quiterian, Actuate & OpenText, 2011-2016

Responsible for the highest revenue of the organic traffic and the highest performance of the front-end behavior to acquire and nurture qualified leads in United States, Canada & Europe for a advanced analytics software now owned by OpenText while reporting to the Head of Marketing.

Dana Guthrie
"Jose Pablo Fernandez was very proactive and really good when driving projects with members of different departments and he totally exceeded our expectations"
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Web Development, Digital Marketing & Webmaster at Publidisa & Todoebook, 2003-2010

Responsible for the front-end of up to 20 online libraries including El Corte Inglés or Casa del Libro, its digital marketing for 30,000 subscribers and its customer service workflows to acquire and nurture customers while reporting to the Head of Marketing.

Luis Abril
“Jose Pablo Fernandez worked for our company and he showed enormous skills while he was developing our goals together with his colleagues” Luis Abril
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My expertise covers is really wide range of areas. So it make sense that I take the time to identify first which skills I has been involved the most by year:

You may be interested in which specific activities I has been involved the most depending on each skill:

  1. Research of the challenges by industry or job title to customize the use cases.
  2. Research of the personas to customize the content.
  3. Identify the best channels to reach the right target audience.
  4. Identify the right format to fit the content to the best channels.
  5. Design, develop and publish visual assets that help to communicate the strategy including schemas, infographics and presentations.
  6. Monitor, analyze and report to ensure the strategy is working or to start all over again if needed.
  7. [CLOSE]
  1. Design, develop and publish the user interfaces using HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT of ecommerce sites, corporate sites and intranet sites.
  2. Design, optimize and publish visual assets for icons, buttons, backgrounds, ads, banners, headers or logos with Illustrator and Photoshop.
  3. Audit, monitor, analyze and report the usability using ClickTale or Mouseflow.
  4. Audit, monitor, analyze and report the page speed using Pingdom, Speed Curve & Website Pulse.
  5. Audit, monitor, analyze and report responsiveness using Google Chrome or Mobile-Friendly Test.
  6. A specific UX award was given by Fundación ONCE to a template that I designed and developed while I was working at Todoebook in 2009.
  7. [CLOSE]
  1. Design and develop the sites architecture using menus, sitemaps, url optimization or structure data.
  2. Advanced knowledge in MYSQL, PHP, HTML & CSS.
  3. Medium knowledge in XML, JSON, JAVASCRIPT & JQUERY.
  4. Low knowledge in REST & POSTGRESQL.
  5. Low knowledge in SQL, ASP & .NET.
  6. Installation, customization and management of Payment Gateways.
  7. Installation, customization and management of PRESTASHOP, JOOMLA & WORDPRESS using PHP, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY or CSS.
  8. Engineering for intranets and data connectors of Google Developer, Twitter Developer, Facebook Developer or DeveloperForce Apps.
  9. Data source integration from Search Console, Google Analytics, Eloqua and Salesforce and reporting with PHP, MYSQL and CHART.JS to show 360º of each marketing campaign.
  10. Audit, monitor, analyze and report through alerts, scheduled dashboards or custom reports when needed.
  11. [CLOSE]
  1. Research and identify the right search engines to reach the target audience.
  2. Audit, research and identify the best topics and keywords of the target audience with Search Console, Google Trends, Keyword Difficulty, Siteliner, Screaming Frog or MOZ.
  3. Competitors research with SpyFu, SEMRush, Majestic or Screaming Frog.
  4. Research and identification of the best anchor texts of both internal and external links, using both exact and non-exact match.
  5. Drive the best content that is likely to be linked by external domains and always ask this content to be linked.
  6. Analyze and report using data from Search Console to cross information of queries and pages with data coming from Google Analytics, Eloqua or Salesforce.
  7. Successful results reaching page #1 at SERP for queries with high keyword difficulty rate like "telecom analytics" (56.77), "churn prediction" (60.34), "visual data mining" (69.62), "columnar database" (69.62) or "big data analytics examples" (69.65).
  8. [CLOSE]
  1. Design, develop and execute workflows of content creation to ensure constancy and to ensure each asset fits properly within each channel.
  2. Research and identify the topics and keywords more likely to be query by the target audience.
  3. Regular writer and blogger on digital marketing, advanced analytics, and data-driven decisions based.
  4. Drive viral traffic through long-form articles, visual resources, recommended tweets, sharing tools, RSS Feeds or widgets.
  5. Design, develop and execute campaigns based in personas within social networks including copy, thumbnails & landing pages of posts shared at LinkedIn, Slideshare, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, RSS Feed, Wikipedia, Flipboard or Google+ using both Groups & Corporate accounts, including tools like Addthis, Buffer or Hootsuite.
  6. Monitor evolution of hashtags scores with Topsy or SocialMention.
  7. Goal conversion rate of those organic campaigns has been this year 3 times higher than the goal conversion of paid traffic at Google Adwords.
  8. [CLOSE]
  1. Research and identify the right channel to fit the product with the right audience.
  2. Research and identify the best audience segmentation to market using Google Adwords, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, or Facebook Ads. Forecast the Cost Per Lead in each case.
  3. Design, develop and execute campaigns including the value proposition, the thank you page, the landing page, the ad and the segmentation or the keywords to ensure consistency and the higher performance.
  4. Design, develop and execute landing pages to ensure its fastest load, its clearest call to action and its highest goal conversion rate.
  5. Profuse use of A/B testing, analytics and reporting.
  6. [CLOSE]
  1. Research the benchmark and the specific rates of the target audience.
  2. Research and identify the best filters and queries to segment using Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot or Emailvision.
  3. Design, develop and execute ongoing email campaigns to nurture the leads with additional and related content.
  4. Email optimization to ensure the lowest bounce rate and the highest open rate or clickthrough rate in any device.
  5. Profuse use of A/B testing, analytics and reporting.
  6. While tracking the devices of our B2B target audience at Google Analytics, we found that the highest is the position of the opener, the highest is the likelihood to open it in a small device.
  7. [CLOSE]
  1. Design, develop and execute scalable solutions that were able to go further than the regular KPIs.
  2. Data source integration from Search Console, Google Analytics, Eloqua and Salesforce and reporting with PHP, MYSQL and CHART.JS to show 360º of each marketing campaign.
  3. Data source integration from Piwik, Marketo, Demandbase and Salesforce and reporting web visitors history and multi-device correlation.
  4. Junior user of advanced and predictive analytics tool OpenText Big Data Analytics.
  5. Advanced user of Tag Manager to set custom events or load custom data within forms or additional platforms like Piwik.
  6. Advanced user of Search Console, Google Analytics, Piwik or Webtrends.
  7. Advanced user of ClickTale or Mouseflow.
  8. Advanced user of Linkedin Insights, Twitter Insights, Facebook Insights, Hootsuite Insights, Buffer Insights or AddThis Insights.
  9. Advanced user of Eloqua Insights, Marketo Insights or Pardot Insights.
  10. Design, develop and execute analysis, reports, creative data visualizations and finally the proposed solutions to ensure the actionable insights that can drive better decisions.
  11. [CLOSE]


You already know how relevant is visualization of the information so bellow you will find a few screenshots:

Responsive Website Application in Barcelona. Baluwo, 2017

The percentage of the time that I spent in each activity and its evolution:


It's good to know that you are still scrolling! It means that I have something that may help so let me resume what we have been going through:

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