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Portfolio of José Pablo Fernández

Mastering technology to reach the sales goals

Nice to meet you, this is José Pablo Fernández
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Top 10 Milestones:

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User Experience & Front-End Development: Pablo helped to reach the World's Leading Low Cost Airline Website two years in a row while taking to the next level the solutions provided by CMS, CSS & JAVASCRIPT, in collaboration with multiple Information Technology & Creative Services teams based in Oslo, Barcelona & Malaga Learn more

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Paid Traffic & Advanced Remarketing: Pablo helped to launch 4 campaigns in Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads & Google Adwords including its 40 differents segmentations, ads and landing pages for 10 different countries in 10 labor days to finally reach an amazing 25% of Click-Through Rate and 12% of Goal Conversion Rate - which in this case was "Add To Cart" for Baluwo. Learn more

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Web Development & API Connections: Pablo helped to reach a record of “Time To Market” while developing a website application with 15 REST endpoints without documentation and its Payment Gateway just in 10 labor days for Baluwo. First sale was on April 2017 and there’s still an average of 10 sales every day after the first 12 months. Learn more

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User Experience & Front-End Development: Customized ecommerce was published just in 3 months with 50,000 product images, 1,200 URLS of 750 words of original content on each page in 3 languages plus a easy-to-use Wizard with Prestashop, PHP & MYSQL for Printlife.Learn more

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Content Marketing & Social Media Management: Pablo was two times 1st place as content contributor during the worldwide Awards of OpenText - a canadian company with more than 10,000 employees.
Learn more

Learn more about this Milestone 2016

Research, Strategy & Growth Hacking: The company reached 10 times more new qualified leads reusing old content as organic posts than what was reached with new paid campaigns while Pablo was working on the ongoing campaign “Daily Post Program” for OpenText in 2016.Learn more

Learn more about this Milestone 2016

Advanced Analytics & Reporting: Pablo developed a web application for reporting of integrated data coming from Search Engine, Google Analytics, Eloqua and Salesforce using 10 different charts showing evolution and the option to segment by date, country and lead source and the option to download the data in CSV. This took him 10 labor days while he working for OpenText. Learn more

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Search Engine Optimization & Link Building: Pablo helped to increase up to 10 times the total of clicks at Google Search Result Page, for queries like "columnar database" (69.62) or "big data analytics examples" (69.65) while he was working on Actuate - a software company in Silicon Valley.Learn more

Learn more about this Milestone 2015

Marketing Automation & Email Campaigns: Pablo found on 2016 that: the highest is the position of the email opener, the highest is the likelihood to open it in a small device. He did that while tracking the devices target audience of email campaigns in Google Analytics, so he helped the company to improve their email templates. Nurture Campaign for BIRT Analytics Free Trial, for instance, reached an amazing 0,80% of Bounce Rate, 25% of Open Rate and 4,72% of Click-Through Rate. According to benchmarking from Mailchimp, these results are 200% better than the average by companies of "Software & Web".Learn more

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User Experience & Front-End Development: UX & Front-End Award is given by Spanish foundation Fundación ONCE in 2012 to Amazon, FNAC and a HTML/CSS interface that Pablo designed and developed while he was working at the pioneer online bookstore named Todoebook in 2009. Decision was made, as mentioned by the foundation, "based on their analysis of accessibility, images, margins, colors and scripts".Learn more

Figure: Percentage of time spent on each skill by year

Top 5 Final Customers:

Norwegian Air Shuttle Webmaster for Norwegian Air Shuttle
Front-End & Ecommerce for UNED Front-End & Ecommerce for UNED
Front-End & Ecommerce for Casa del Libro Front-End & Ecommerce for Casa del Libro
Front-End & Ecommerce for El Corte Inglés Front-End & Ecommerce for El Corte Inglés
Marketing Campaign for Natura Marketing Campaign for Natura

Top 5 Certifications:

Best UX Award by Fundación ONCE Best UX Award by Fundación ONCE
B2B Master by Oracle B2B Master by Oracle
Digital Marketing Diploma from University of California, Irvine Digital Marketing Diploma by University of California, Irvine
Best Content Contributor by Opentext Best Content Contributor by Opentext
World's Leading Low Cost Airline Website 2018, 2019 World's Leading Low Cost Airline Website 2018, 2019

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Roles & Endorsements:

Feel free to contact his coworkers about their recommendations

[2016-2018] Web Development & Marketing Automation at Grow&Fit

Pablo was responsible for the web development and the online sales of different partners on Grow&Fit′s catalogue during 2016-2018:

  1. Responsible for the Baluwo website application - connections to REST server were developed with additional tools using JQUERY, PHP & MYSQL.
  2. Responsible for the ecommerce, web mobile applications & use cases for Search Engine Optimization in Printlife - in this case Prestashop was customized with additional applications using JQUERY, PHP & MYSQL.
Noelia Llorente

"He has been able not just to make friendly the relationship between programming and communication but also he has been able to make it in coordination with different departments, job positions and goals for B2B and B2C companies in Europe or America."

Noelia Llorente as CMO of Baluwo
Vicent Climent

"It was pretty useful to have Jose Pablo in our web development team because of his deep understanding of the requirements from search engines and social media. He is also able to write clean code, keep calm and work hard to reach the team’s goals."

Vicent Climent as CTO of Baluwo


[2011-2016] Digital Manager, Strategist & Analyst at Quiterian, Actuate & OpenText

Pablo was responsible for the highest revenue of the organic traffic and the highest performance of the front-end behavior to acquire and nurture qualified leads in United States, Canada & Europe for an advanced analytics software now owned by OpenText while reporting to the Head of Marketing.

Dana Guthrie

"Jose Pablo develops and executes digital campaigns for global and regional audiences and is creative, diligent, and responsive. He is adept at driving social engagement working with available content. I would recommend him for any role that requires a mix of technical skills with strong digital and social marketing experience."

Dana Guthrie as Marketing Director of OpenText Analytics
Josep Arroyo

"I have seen during that time how he encouraged and boost results from the teams, taking marketing automation to the next level in one side, but also making web applications more likely to be optimized for search engines. I do recommend him also because of his motivation when he analyze and work under pressure - always bringing data to prove his results at the end."

Josep Arroyo as Director of BIRT Analytics

[2003-2010] Web Development, Digital Marketing & Webmaster at Todoebook

Pablo was responsible for the front-end of up to 20 online bookstores including El Corte Inglés or Casa del Libro, its digital marketing for 30,000 subscribers and its customer service workflows to acquire and nurture customers while reporting to the Head of Marketing.

Luis Abril

“Jose Pablo Fernandez worked for our company and he showed enormous skills while he was developing our goals together with his colleagues”

Luis Abril as President of Todoebook


Web application and payment gateway for Baluwo in 2018

Web application, payment gateway & use cases for Printlife in 2017


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